Offline Activation

In order to activate the program with the offline method, please take the following steps:

 Activating with activation file.

1- After installing the software, click on the "License Management" link in the main window.
2- In the window that appears, click the "Activation" button.
3- In the next screen, choose the "Manual Offline Activation" option. Click "Next".
4- Enter the Serial Number you have purchased and click the "Save Activation Request" button. Select a path to store the activation request file. Leave this window open.
5- Return to this webpage, and upload the stored file in the box below, and wait for the activation key file to be downloaded. Store this file in a convenient place.
6- Return again to the "Activation Window" in the software, click the "Insert Activation Key" button, and select the activation key file that you have received in the previous step.
7- After performing these steps, click the "Finish" button. After a few moments your product will be activated.

 Activate without sending a file

1-Enter serial number in the relevant section of the form below
2- To access the system ID, after installing the software, click on the product logo in the context menu (right click of the windows taskbar) and select the option for About Padvish. You can see the system signature is visible in the system ID section.
3- Enter the security code
4- Press the activation button and wait for your activation key to be sent for you and save it to the appropriate place.
5- After downloading and saving the activation key, in the same window of the software that you created the request file, click on "Insert Activate Key" and enter the URL of the file you received.
6- After completing these steps, click Finish. After few moments, your product will be activated

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