Amnpardaz Soft Corporation was founded in 2005 , including developers at different levels, can produce custom software for all types of Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS platforms.

 About US

A Syrian company specialized in providing solutions, services and consultations in information security, cybersecurity, information technology and communication with a range of information security products. It includes a variety of local expertise and competencies of specialized consultants, engineers and technicians who are academically qualified and who have specialized degrees in the fields of: information security, networks, systems management, databases, programming languages. Securing maximum protection that allows you to experience high-quality technological security with a wide range of professional services and premium protection

Padvish Antivirus is suitable for both enterprises and homes, and it can be installed and used on Windows, Linux, and Android operation systems. Amnpardaz Soft Corporation also includes an equipped laboratory to analyze all types of malware and cyber-threats that implemented and designed to produce patterns for encountering and disinfecting malware. This laboratory can analyze all types of malware and cyber-threats for Widows, Linux, and Android operation systems at high levels and provides encountering and disinfecting procedures for them.

Why us ?

We believe in working in partnership with our clients to understand their needs and ways of working.Plus how technology can be a tool to make business safer.

  •  Intelligent systems solutions are a trusted partner
  •  Forward thinking strategy
  •  special character in thinking strategy
  •  distinguished national team
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