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Why Padvish?

  • UMP

    Infected Flash Drives are the nightmares of any computers. Use your Flash Drive easily with UMP

  • Daily Update

    Regular daily and small size updates to protect you from new malware

  •  Data cop

    It will create a backup version of your data in just a few seconds and with no interruption for more protection.

German AV-Test Company report: Padvish AntiCrypto successfully detected and neutralized all Ransomware attacks. Padvish had a total %100 detection rate.


Common Questions

Padvish AntiCrypto This product is a smart tool to encounter all types of known and unknown malware that are not restricted to a Specific bunch of ransomware and maybe are exotic or unique. With this tool, you can be free from the damages of Ransomware
Padvish AntiCrypto intelligently detects internet Ransomware and prevent your files from being encrypted or corrupted by this Ransomware. Contrary to antiviruses that need to be constantly updated, Padvish AntiCrypto does this work automatically and with no update and also can detect Ransomware which is written in the future because Padvish AntiCrypto is sensitive to this Ransomware, and they cannot demand money without encrypting your files. Additionally, Padvish AntiCrypto has another protection layer named DataCop that backing up your information and prevent them from being removed or destructed.
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the magnificent speed of backing up you can do it in just a few seconds

Security at Your Fingertips

professional and powerful AntiCrypto by using behavioral techniques

Padvish Android is for you, who are in moving all the time. You have ease and calmness more than you ever experience with simple and fluent usage. With just a few simple touches, at the same time, you can have antivirus, storage management, and anti-theft systems..

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All versions of Padvish Enterprise have the possibility of benefit from the Padvish professional and powerful support team. Padvish experts provide you with demanded guidance by phone, remote access, or in-person as soon as possible. Padvish Support team employs the most expert people and will always be with you to easily enjoy using Padvish products.





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Internet banking security is top-of-mind for both banks and their customers. You will notice that banking websites now feature timed log-outs deactivation of login details after several incorrect attempts and various authentication steps. Banks are also making sure their websites have extra layers of encryption these days.


Padvish helps the university fight virus threats, protects the network, desktops and even remote desktop and laptop computers from the latest viruses. Protecting your computer means that you can lower the risk of attacks and threats


Security has become an important component of laboratory operations. A good laboratory security system can lessen a number of risks, such as: Theft, and or damage, of critical equipment, chemicals and intellectual property. Accidental or intentional release of or exposure to hazardous materials


Padvish software will protect your companys devices from viruses that keep crawling the web. It will safeguard your browsing activity, personal data, and information about the companys clients and employees.

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